Our Strategy


Making Waves has created four separate teams with specific tasks and responsibilities. Each team meets monthly. Please contact us if you are interested in joining a team.

Marketing Team
The Making Waves Marketing Team assists Salvation Army’s PROMISE Program in the creation of promotional videos and marketing materials: brochures and handouts. Our goal is to partner with PROMISE to help communicate to the larger general public. If you have skills or passion in this area and would like to serve on this team, please contact us.

Fundraising Team
The Fundraising Team will create and implement Making Waves fundraising events. We will host an annual fundraising event in January (National Human Trafficking Month) 2012. This will involve a benefit dinner and concert for youth.  Our aim is to raise awareness and funds to end modern day slavery. Contact us if you’d like to get involved.

Awareness Team
The Awareness Team will create an Awareness Week in January 2012. Similar to the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, the team will invite local police, firemen and women, schools, businesses, and places of worship involved in raising the awareness of human trafficking and sex slavery. The team will organize prayer vigils and provide educational opportunities within schools and businesses. Contact us for more information.

Task Force
The Task Force will create it’s own initiatives based on the needs and opportunities within the community. It is a multi-faceted team of people with various ideas, talents and skill sets to plug in where needed. Current inititatives include a community training and continuing education opportunities. If you’re interested in joining this group, please contact us.

If you are interested in joining any of the above teams, please contact us.